Telephone Calls – Common English Phrases

These are some of the most common telephone phrases used when answering a business call. You should learn them until you are comfortable using them.

Answering the phone:-
Good morning/afternoon XYZ Ltd. How can I help you?

Connecting a caller:-
I’ll put you through now.
One moment please.

Explaining there’s a problem:-
I’m sorry, but the line’s engaged at the moment.
I’m sorry. There’s no reply.
I’m sorry, but he/she’s out of the office at the moment.
I’m afraid he/she’s on the other line at the moment.

Offering help:-
Would you like to hold?
Is there anyone else who could help you?
Can I take a message?
Maybe I can help you?

Offer a return call:-
Perhaps he/she can call you back?
Could he/she call you back?

Offering to take a message:-
Can I take a message for him/her?
Would you like to leave a message?
Asking for the caller’s name and number:-
Could I have your name and number, please?
Could you give me your name and number, please?

Checking the information:-
Could you spell that, please?
Can I just check that again, please?
Could you repeat that, please?


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