ILEC in Odessa: the course starts on 15 October

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ODESSA!!! This autumn ETC Lardan’s Odessasubsidiary offers all practicing lawyers and to-be lawyers an authoring programme preparing groups for ILEC examination(The International Legal English Certificate). Up to this moment we could only offer our law students individual classes. The duration of the course is 36 hours (8 hours). The course starts on 15 October 2012 The tuition fee is 2400 UAH The exam itself is passed on students’ volition and is paid separately according to the prices of the British Council. The classes of the preparation course are taught by a teacher with the world’s…

Your Choice is Lardan

Your choice – ETC Lardan! Where to study? In LARDAN, of course! Why study? Turn on your TV, surf the web – it’s evident that in the global world you face global opportunities. But this is the world of constant rivalry, and, without a good knowledge of the language of international communication you don’t feel at ease, thus limiting yourself by the area of your dwelling. You’ve got no need to step outside and no destination to go to. What and where to learn? English language today is the language of the Internet and the Bologna process, the language of…

Summer language camp for children

You are searching for an exciting and useful ways for your children to spend their summer holidays? ETC Lardan provides you with an efficient way of resolving the issue – an adapted training holiday programme of intensive English learning for children of 6-14. the stated course has been developed by our centre, it uses the latter-day teaching methods and techniques. During the classes, the priority s given to an intensive practice of spoken English and project work. The programme has been designed considering the age singularities of children (12-14 y.o.) and their command of language. The project work actively develops…

Russian For Foreigners

Russian for foreigners in Dnipropetrovsk!!!! We are pleased to invite you to study Russian in Dnepropetrovsk. You will not only learn Russian but you will be able to feel the language, its beauty and vividness… Welcome to our centre in 5, Mironova Str., office 205. You can call as well 785-36-39 or 093-33-94-888

Maritime English

We are proud to present you the teaching course designed for those who devoted their life to the sea. Having completed the course, you will improve your language to feel at ease during the voyage. The course is divided into several directions depending on the specialization of the client. We have separate programmes for Masters, motor men, pilots, electricians, cooks, ordinary seamen. Still, the stress is put to the speaking skills they might need during their communication, however there is a compulsory review of the grammar and phonetics. The differences are caused by the technical base and professional vocabulary.