Be-adverbs – Frequency Worksheet

Example 1:
Ayana: Where’s Julie?
Bob: Oh, she’s usually late.

Ayana: Who’s first?
Bob: Not you! You’re always first!

Example 2:
Steve: How was your day?
Kim: Ugh, I’m so tired, and my eyes hurt from looking at the computer all day.
Steve: You often complain about your eyes. Why don’t you take more breaks at work? I take breaks every hour and my eyes are usually fine.

Example 3:
Carl: Let’s have a barbecue!
Deb: Okay, let’s do it at my house.
Carl: But it’s always your house!

For negatives, we usually use always, usually and often.

Example 4:
Seth: What’s wrong?
Alice: I don’t know, I’m not usually this tired. = I’m seldom this tired.

Now try these. Put the word in brackets into the correct position.

Example: I drive over the speed limit. (occasionally)

1 I’m late. (never)

2 They go out in the week. (seldom)

3 We don’t see her. (often)

4 I take a long time in the shower. (always)

5 Sam arrives on time. (usually)

6 Our house isn’t clean. (always)

7 Are you sleepy after lunch? (always)

8 Do you feel sad? (sometimes)

9 He brushes his teeth after lunch. (rarely)

10 My uncle makes a funny joke. (hardly ever)


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