off.2, 30 Preobrazhenskaya St., Odessa, Ukraine

tel. +38 (048) 795-33-00

E-mail: odessa@lardan.com.ua

ETC Lardan Education Centre on the city map of Odessa 

 ETC Lardan opened its subsidiary in Odessa in 2008. During the time of its operation, more than 500 students studied here (results indicated at the end of 2010).

We have created all necessary conditions for the efficient learning of foreign languages. The teaching takes place in well-equipped classes possessing each and every facility (furniture, literature, posters, schemes, DVDs, laptops etc.). In our premises we hold students’ conferences, seminars where students can share their opinions in teaching foreign languages.

Our teachers are high quality specialists who never rest on laurels. Many of them have been certified by the Cambridge ESOL (CAE, CPE, BEC, IELTS,TKT, CELTA), ETS (TOEFL) and MBA schools who will help you get the desired level of English and get an international certificate for studies abroad (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL)


Not only do we offer professional business courses with an opportunity to pass an international exam BEC (all levels) but also the courses for legal and financial English (you can get ILEC and ICFE certificates). We can offer post-graduates a preparatory course for GMAT and GRE exams. Also, we can offer teachers of English a preparatory course for TKT and CELTA (exams in methodology).

Among our most popular programmes are:

English club – students’ discussion on the topic under consideration (only interesting topics are under study, of course). Any topics can be reviewed: politics, culture, all sorts of general topics. The classes are taught by native speakers. This provides opportunities for vocabulary boost and facilitates to overcoming the language barrier which really improves students’ speaking skills. It needs to be mentioned, too, that in the process of conversation the teacher corrects students’ errors, grammar slips, so our speaking club has not only cognitive but teaching function as well.

Pre-test preparing students for international certified exams in all levels (A1-C2). The pre-test indicates the level of English sufficient for a certified exam.

FCE, CAE, CPE (2-2.5 years) is a programme for people who strive for a better future. The course gives an opportunity to start from the scratch and achieve a good CERF level that will be confirmed by the appropriate certificate. (FCE, CAE, CPE).

Fluent English (1-5 years) is a long-term programme of teaching English. During each year of the course students pass an academic module corresponding to the Common European Framework and passes an exam.

Grammar course (1-3 months) gives students an opportunity to get knowledge of basic English in limited terms. The course reviews the following topics: verb system, active and passive voices, pronouns, sentence structure, positive, negative and interrogative sentences, linkers, irregular verbs.

Lingvo Diving (starting from 5 days) – the course got its name because it pepresents immersion in English. Our Centre uses advanced teaching methods and techniques. During the classes the priority is given to the practice of spoken speech in situations of every day communication.

Communicative trainings (2-5 days) help you boost your conversational skills on the selected topics for a short period of time


Our Centre also teaches Spanish, Italian, French and German languages.

“Students not smart enough? You don’t say so! Everybody’s smart in his particular way here in Odessa!”