ILEC – a highly qualified course for lawyers

Expert legal staff need to have an adequate level of English to be able to network with overseas partners and clients, and properly analyze the material presented in English.

The International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) was designed by the Cambridge ESOL specifically for detecting and confirming lawyers’ aptitudes in use of legal English on B2-C1 levels (see the CEFR scale of levels).

Together with other Cambridge ESOL exams, ILEC is an internationally recognized standard of English.

The preparation course for the ILEC exam

The preparatory course comprises a thorough analysis of lexis on every topic represented in the exam (legal system, sources of law, European Union law, legal procedures, business organizations, liabilities etc), detecting and eliminating the gaps in grammar, improving basic language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). We recommend that the applicants possess the Intermediate level of English.

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