The Concept of Strategy 55

Strategy 55 is a unique programme od support of secondary high schools and schools of intensive English learning.

Ukraine’s taking part in theBolognaprocess requires our teachers and students to know foreign languages on an adequate level and knowledge of international teaching methods. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine imposes strict requirements to the level of students’ language command. School leavers have to possess level B1+ (CEFR framework), while students of schools of intensive English learning have to posses level B2. The practice shows that school leavers are unable to communicate with overseas students of the same age.

In order to resolve the problem, our company has designed a complex programme supporting Ukrainian secondary schools and schools of intensive English learning that got the name Strategy 55. The programme is a modification of designed and implemented curriculum of teaching English that will enhance students’ level of English up to B1+ and B2.

Since the teachers’ qualification has always been assessed by various factors, one of which is possession of an international TKT Certificate, Strategy 55 includes preparing teachers for the certification of teachers of English.

Strategy 55 lies in providing secondary school teachers with theoretical input and practical application of input material in teaching process.

The advantages of Strategy 55 for teachers are as follows:

Learning of new terminology, innovative teaching techniques that are widely applied in the European educational framework

A free of charge international Certificate in teaching English that is issued on passing the exam

Work with latter-day teaching materials

Enhancement of schools’ statistics in the External Independent testing

The duration of the programme is 1 year. The secondary school teachers get theoretical input 5 times a year.