English for children

This teaching course is a long-term programme designed for 6-13 year-olds. This is an opportunity to get knowledge of spoken English with a minimum of grammar and necessary vocabulary for children. The course is filled with dialogues, motivating texts, colourful illustrations, project tasks and audio materials.
Due to the concept of development put into practice, children broaden their outlook in various aspects of the surrounding world by learning English.
We offer children a group form of studies. One level includes 108 hours (9months).
Small groups (6-8 students) selected on the basis of students’ level of English provide an opportunity to get the maximum effect from your studies.
In case of individual studies one level lasts 40-50 hours (4-6 months). The number of levels: 3

The characteristic features of the long-term programme:

- acquisition of lexicogrammatical minimum basis;
- mini-texts and dialogues;
- creative ‘colour it’ tasks;
- cartoons with integrated project tasks;
- British teaching materials (latter-day editions);
- Interacting in English in class


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