Specialized literature. English for business, medicine, law, finance.

We are proud to present our clients tens of specialized course books, reference materials, dictionaries and books providing opportunities for teaching language professionally and mastering lexis of your professional activities.

Below you can find some models of such course books.

Business Result

K.Baade, M.Duckworth, D.Grant, C.Holloway, J.Hudson, J.Hughes, J.Naunton, J.Scrivener, R.Turner

Published by:Oxford

Levels: elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced

A business course with an integrated approach towards teaching with a multimedia component that makes it absolutely practical and gives students all skills needed for their professional activities. Case studies of real business situations  are included in each unit. The expert analysis is made by a respectable school of management ofCranefieldUniversity. The CD-ROM attached to the course book substitutes the ordinary work book, and the DVD from the Teacher’s book gives you a series of extra ideas on teaching business English.

OxfordHandbook of Commercial Correspondence

A. Ashley

Published by: Oxford

Levels: intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced

A reference book that you need for efficient business writing, reviewed and renovated in accordance with the present day business challenges.

Hundreds of samples of emails, letters, faxes, memorandums, reports and CVs.: LCCI English for Commerce and English for Business, Cambridge BEC and CEIBT; NVQs and Pitman`s English for Business Communication

Workshop Series

Neil Wood, Dinos Demetriades, Lindsay White

Published by: Oxford

Workshop is a new series for students of colleges and technical schools, who specialize in tourism, business, engineering, IT. The series is an ideal supplementary material for any general English course, such as New Headway English Course. Each book of the series gives students professional vocabulary and teaches specific language skills needed for students’ future profession.