Intensive speaking course

The teaching programme ‘Intensive Speaking Course’ was designed for fast learning of English. The programme is popular among the following categories of clients:

- Students;
- bank, company employees who need to interact in English;
- everyone wishing to learn spoken English faster for a limited period of time;
- people planning to emigrate
During the course the students review basic grammar and lexical topics.
The course includes 3 modules (1 module – 30 hours). Students can choose the quantity of modules and of the selection of topics.

The duration of the course: 5 weeks to 6 months
The course is taught to both groups and individual students
The price includes teaching materials.

Results achieved:

The course boosts speaking skills (for every day communication) working at a big number of situations where the students can try communicating in different role play activities:

- meeting people;
- getting acquainted;
- household chores;
- communication at work
- describing appearance;
- a visit to the doctor;
- preferences in food and clothes;
- education;
- means of transport;
- social life;
- sports;
- leisure time;
- wild life;
- holidays;
- environmental protection;


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