TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test that you need to pass in order to enter a University in the USA or Canada. The results of the test are also applied in the number of other English-speaking countries during entering a University. Once you’ve passed the test, you get a Certificate which is valid during a 2 years term.

The test assesses the following skills:

·        listening,

·        reading,

·        speaking and

·        writing

The Internet Based Test (iBT) lasts for about 4.5 hrs.

ELT Lardan can offer you a preparatory course organized in any of the two possible directions:

Preparation for the format

Increasing the level + preparation for the format

Is good for candidates who already possess the required level of English but are but are not familiar with the exam’s format.


Is focused on each part of the exam’s peculiarities (listening, reading, writing, speaking). A special attention is paid to allocating time efficiently.


The standard duration of the course is 24-28 hours

In case your current level does not fit the requirements of the selected University, students work on the increase of their level of English in each of the tested skills together with the format practice.


The duration of the course depends on the gap between the current and the necessary levels of students’ English.


We recommend that students take an individual preparatory course.



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