Assistance in grant reception

If you don’t possess enough funds to pay for your tuition ETC Lardan will help you receive a grant or scholarship that will partially or fully cover your educational expenditures.

Many foreign universities and private funds provide an opportunity for Ukrainian students to receive a scholarship, discount or grant to study abroad. Grants can also be provided by non-governmental institutions (the British Council in the UK, DAAD in Germany). Usually the number of grants provided by one organization is limited, however, the amount of such organizations is big with new programmes constantly emerging. The most well-known are Chevening Program, Cambridge Overseas Trust, University College London (Great Britain),  Edmund Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program, Fulbright Graduate Student Program (the USA), Eiffel, Thales Academia (France), Ukrainian-Polish Service for Academic exchange etc.

In fact, the essence of the grant is chance for a winner to be given a sum of money as a tuition fee in one of the selected Universitiesby an organization (programme, fund, university). For example the Chevening programme provides students with a 20000 GBP scholarship.

The number of applicants in a tender is 20-30 people. Exept for academic success and language command the sponsors review applicants’ motivational letter. This is a little essay in which you have to enumerate all of your achievements and advantages as well as the explicit objective for your study in a particular University.

It has been stated that the most important thing in the process of receiving a grant is the motivational letter and properly arranged documents. Because of their amount and time-consuming routine of consideration of applications it’s recommended that the applicants should start registering their application at least one year before the estimated start of the teaching process. Each country has its own educational system, terms of documents filing, receiving grants and scholarships – as a rule the receipt of applications starts in the middle of the summer and lasts until the middle of the autumn.

ETC Lardan will help you select a proper grant programme, in which you will be able to participate, as well as the University and specialty according to your requirements, provide a representation of your interests in both University and grant organization, file the necessary set of documents, do your correspondence and further work aimed at receiving the grant, and, if necessary, boost your language command up to the necessary level.

And, the main thing, receiving a grant to study abroad is not easy, but with ETC Lardan it’s quite possible. Take the fist step – come to one of our offices. We’ve resolved your problems!


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