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ETC Lardan’s teaching concept is based on the provisions of the European Standards listed in the official documents issued by the EU: The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment and English Language for Professional Application. Their main provisions are personality-oriented approach towards students, module teaching system and the use of the common European system of assessment.

Our teachers use the following methods and techniques:

-          dialogue as a means of communication and information exchange in the process of teaching;

-          use of role play activities;

-          creative approach towards task completion;

-          support of personality development;

-          modeling the situation of an independent selection of tasks and teaching techniques for students

ETC Lardan offers you a variety of programmes which increases the chance that the course will suit the students. This gives you an opportunity to choose when any applicant will get what he (or she) needs. There is an option to customize each programme.

Therefore ETC Lardan offers the following regular teaching programmes:

-          General English Course – an intensive English (German) teaching in groups lasting from 1 to 6 years;

-          Intensive speaking course – for those wishing to communicate in English only months after the classes start. The duration of the course varies from 5 weeks to 6 months depending on the students’ language level, their educational history, peculiarities of students and teaching material;

-          English for specific purposes – for those wishing to learn English for their professional activities (Maritime English, Legal English, English for Medicine etc.);

-          Business English – ideal for private individuals and organizations which actively liaise with foreigners. Includes the following aspects of business: business ethics, efficient negotiating, correspondence, business travel etc.;

-          Preparation courses for Cambridge ESOL exams – a training course preparing students for international examinations with a possibility to get an international certificate in one of the British Council’s branches. (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, BEC) as well as PTE and TOEFL. The course trains skills necessary for successful exam’s completion. The trainees are to possess a sufficient level needed for the specific exam;

-          Grammar course – suitable for secondary school students and school leavers aiming to pass the External Independent Testing Examination in English;

-          Lingua Diving – a course specifically designed by our Centre for accelerated English learning using advanced teaching methods and techniques such as ‘language immersion’. During the classes the preference is given to an intensive speaking practice in the most actual communicative situations;

-          Holiday camps for children lasting 1-3 weeks help develop speaking skills in the shortest terms in the practice of direct communication;

-          Programmes for teachers – see above

-          Education abroad – see above


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