Universities’ graduating programmes and business schools use the results of the GRE test to assess the level of students’ preparation for the Master’s Degree.

There are two types of this exam: general test and subject tests (physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, psychology. To enter the majority of Master’s programmes you majorly need a general test.

Besides mathematics, the general test also includes the evaluation of candidates’ knowledge of English. It has the following structure.

-Analytical writing – assesses candidates’ skills of critical thinking and analytical writing such as candidates’ ability to clearly and coherently express complex ideas.

-Vernal reasoning – assesses candidates’ reading skills and ability to logical presentation and interpretation, focuses on candidates’ ability to analyze and evaluate written material.

-Quantitative reasoning – assesses candidates’ ability to resolve problem issues based on arithmetical, algebraical and geometrical terms and analysis of data.

The primary attention is given to students’ vocabulary. The maximum score is 1600.

The preparatory course for GRE

ETC Lardan offers their candidates to pass the preparatory course for GRE. Just like in the GMAT preparatory course you start by passing a many sided test of English. The course is customized to each client individually, based on his initial level of English and current gaps. The course is either a series of tutorials or a traditional teaching course.

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