Language Trainings

Communicative trainings will give you a chance to boost your speaking skills on selected topics for a short period of time. The duration of training is 2-5 days.

On client’s demand we can alter the content of training.
The number of people participating in training: 4-8
The duration 1 day of training is 8 hours
The total price includes:

-teaching materials;
-coffee breaks;
-lunches on each day of training

Training Level of English Duration (days)
“Voyage”, “Round table”, “Financé Beginner 3
Elementary 2
“Efficient negotiating” Pre-Intermediate 2
“Sailor” Beginner, Elementary 5

The purpose of the “Voyage” training lies in acquiring communicative skills in typical situation that might occur in the process of traveling.

Focus on skills
We will teach you how to express your viewpoint in a series of day to day situations, start a talk with foreign interlocutor, ask questions and make comments.

The training also touches upon cultural aspects of traveling abroad.

Spoken topics:

- departures, arriving at the airport, bus station, railway station;
- eating out;
- sightseeing;
- shopping;
- staying in a hotel etc.

The purpose of the “Round Table” training lies in teaching students the basic skills of business communication in both formal and informal atmosphere.

Focus on skills
Having completed the training you will get an opportunity to participate in a conversation, initiate a discussion, ask questions, ask for clarification, agree or disagree with an utterance, understand rapid English speech.

Spoken topics
- personal info;
- work;
- finance;
- media;
- environment;
- talking politics;
- celebrations

The purpose of the training “Efficient Negotiating” lies in getting both communicative and professional experience in negotiating.

Focus on skills
The training is focused solely on devising strategies helping you behave in an English-speaking environment in order to network with your interlocutor and affect him properly (extended vocabulary for speaking convincingly)

Spoken topics:

- presenting your ideas;
- discussion;
- conflicts;
- compromises;
- reassuring a partner etc.

The purpose of the training “Interview” lies in preparing students for their colloquy (interview) in the British, American, Australian, Canadian embassies.

Focus on skills

In the training you will review all the range of issues touched upon during an interview. You will get the skills of using short simple sentences, collocations that will help you feel at ease in the process of communication with foreigners.

Spoken topics:

- personal info;
- work;
- education;
- personal plans;
- motives for emigrating

The purpose of the training “Finance” lies in resolving the communication issues with your to-be partner.

Focus on skills:
You will ask your interlocutor all sorts of questions and tell him about yourself.

Spoken topics:

- personal info;
- family;
- education;
- work;
- personal priorities

The purpose of the training “Sailor” lies in helping you do well during an interview with a foreign employer.

Focus on skills:

Both professional and day to day lexis needed for work onboard the ship.

Spoken topics

- ship’s characteristics;
- first aid;
- eating;
- accident prevention;
- communication with crew members


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