English for medicine


We created this course for students of medical educational establishments. It’s also good for young doctors on their internship and pharmacists who keep studying English to get a work overseas.

The course aims to develop language skills necessary for medics’ professional activities (communicating with foreign colleagues, patients). Every class contains texts from an appropriate section of medicine that have been selected form authentic medical periodicals and reference materials. A big attention is paid to functional aspects of language: addressing patients, preparing for the operation etc.

The course includes the following topics:

-medical terms and abbreviations;

-communication with clients (asking questions about symptoms, instructing, diagnosing, prescribing etc.)

-Reading and filling the medical forms;

-Work with documents;

-Participating in professional seminars and conferences etc.

Having completed the course you will be able to interact with your colleagues, consult interlocutors, understand the content of professional texts, work with documents




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