Bilingnual Studies for Children

A special programme for both children and adults who realized that universal use of the English language today may not be enough for a better tomorrow.

Lardan presents the programmes for bilingual (2 foreign languages) and multilingual (3 and more foreign languages) studies. Our teachers will help you master both Italic and German languages using the structural and comparative approach and special mnemonic techniques.

You can start studies from the preschool age! The course is taught to both groups and individual students.

‘Holidays 5+1’

This is an excellent opportunity for your and your children to benefit from their holidays. Multilingual studies help you form the basic understanding and realization of language.

5 Indogermanic languages and 1 Oriental language

  1 module 2 module 3 module 4 module 5 module
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Key peculiarities of the course:

Key peculiarities of the course:


- development of the grammar system
- adjustment of pronunciation skills (British and American variants)
- developing speaking skills in our discussion club

Other languages

- development of the phonetic system;
- reading rules;
- practice of the basics of communication in conversational situations;
- familiarizing with the history and culture of English speaking countries


- learning of 6 foreign languages during the holidays;
- getting a general view of the culture and mentality of different countries;
- extra opportunity to prioritize your language preferences;
- a unique business proposal for a competitive price


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