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It’s a common knowledge that the better the course book is, the faster and more efficiently you learn a foreign language. We provide our students with the best teaching materials for the most competitive prices.

ETC Lardan recommends that our students use authentic teaching materials in the process of teaching foreign languages. Languages today, especially English, are developing rapidly and, at times, it’s difficult to trace the process from abroad. It’s the British course cooks thatEuropeuses for a quarter of a century and their efficiency has been proven on practice. ETC Lardan is a distributor of the leading publishing houses whose course books have got universal acclaim:OxfordUniversitypress and Macmillan Publishers, German Hueber and French Hachette. The course books printed by these publishing houses are used by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in creating teaching programmes and state testing tasks.

As a matter of fact, in Ukrainian course books we can observe an impetus made on grammar, while the development of communicative skills is put aside. The authentic course books that we proudly present imply a complex approach where the four language macro skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing) are united by common topics with a focus on speaking skills of day to day communication. Besides, ETC lardan offers teaching complexes oriented on different types of schools: both secondary schools and schools of intensive English learning(they differ in number of academic hours needed to complete the course, in their structure and method of teaching).

We offer not only books but specially developed teaching complexes that include a course book, work book, teacher’s book, audio CD, tests etc. We also offer German and French dictionaries, grammar reference books, readers, audio readers which show the result of work of hundreds of professionals: authors, linguists, methodologists, psychologists, psychologists and many others. Behind the cover you can see a well-planned methodology which is being constantly tested and upgraded.

All teaching materials have been created considering CEFR recommendations, main international tests and certificates. The selection of literature can help you choose a course book for any age and level of command of language. Many books offered by us are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the teaching process in schools and higher educational establishments ofUkraine.

It’s worth being mentioned that ETC Lardan is one of the main distribution networks for the famous British publishing houses Oxford University Press and Macmillan Publishers inUkraine.

ETC Lardan also provide our customers with support on methodology and teacher’s training by means of holding free-of-charge seminars and conferences on teaching materials.


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