Maritime English

We are proud to present you the teaching course designed for those who devoted their life to the sea. Having completed the course, you will improve your language to feel at ease during the voyage.

The course is divided into several directions depending on the specialization of the client. We have separate programmes for Masters, motor men, pilots, electricians, cooks, ordinary seamen. Still, the stress is put to the speaking skills they might need during their communication, however there is a compulsory review of the grammar and phonetics. The differences are caused by the technical base and professional vocabulary.

The course contains the following parts:

1)Speaking – students are taught to socialize ask and answer questions about their previous work experience, their ship’s characteristics and their daily routine.

2)Qualifications – this part touches upon sailor’s activities during the fire alarm, launching the rescue boats, bunkering, starting the engine, keeping the watch, working with documents, rooms on board the ship, steering commands.

3)Reading and writing – familiarizes students with the order of fulfillment of all the necessary application forms, bills of lading, answering the interviewer’s questions etc.

On our students’ demand we can also review the grammar system or written texts that can be a task during an interview.

Having completed the course the students masters enough professional vocabulary necessary for interaction with other crew members. Besides, the student will get the skills needed for a successful interview in a crewing agency.

The main advantage of this programme is an intensive increase of the professional vocabulary for a limited period of time.