Studies Abroad

ETC Lardan offers our assistance in making any parents’ dream come true – a quality education in the best Western Universities for your children.

Contract form of education is getting more and more expensive while the quantity of budget places is decreasing rapidly accompanied with deterioration of the quality of education. At the same time, the competition between prospective employees is getting tougher. Needless to say that overseas education gives University and college graduates a better start and better perspectives on their return back home.

The main problem for enrollees is insufficient knowledge of foreign languages accompanied by the complex bureaucratic system of the EU in terms of education and visa applications. Therefore ETC Lardan offers school leavers a unique complex of services that allows them to not just enter the selectedEuropeanUniversitybut provides maximum comfort and efficiency of studies.

Our main principle here is to provide maximum return on your investments in education. Therefore ETC Lardan has developed a single complex of services that includes career counseling, selection of a proper European educational establishment with further representation of our customers’ interests as well as the necessary language training, preparation for Cambridge ESOL exams, pre-adaptation programmes for to-be students (International Foundation Year, adaptation camps etc). This gives a school leaver an opportunity to focus on the educational process itself, saving much effort and money on overcoming language and administrative barriers.

If you experience shortage in funding, ETC Lardan will help you select a proper grant or scholarship programme that will fully or partially cover the cost of studies.

ETC Lardan will help you select the most suitable grant programme as well as the educational establishment and specialization fitting all of your requirements, provide representation of your interests in the educational establishment and grant organization, complete the necessary package of documents and will take care of all the correspondence and the subsequent work on grant reception. And, the last but not the least, ETC Lardan will help you complete the letter of motivation and in case of necessity will upgrade you level of command of English.

Do believe that it is not easy to get a grant for studies but with ETC Lardan’s assistance it’s quite possible.

Education abroad is currently the most secure investment in YOUR future. Take a chance and use your once-in-a-life-time opportunity – contact ETC Lardan – we will help you.