Business proposal for enterprises

Dear Sir!

Educational Centre Lardan can offer you and your company corporate services in the sphere of the English language and cooperation with foreign partners, including teaching your personnel English as well as German, French, Russian (for foreigners):

  1. Teaching English. We can offer you a variety of programmes lasting from 10 days to 5 years depending on the objective you are planning to achieve and your initial level of English.

Intensive programmes developed by our Centre are suitable for any level of English (starting from A1) and give our customers an opportunity to boost their speaking skills in a short period of time:

Name of programme Student’s initial level Duration Achieved skills
Lingvo Diving Studied at school 10 days (80 hours) Fluent speech
30-60-90General, Business Intermediate to Advanced 1 – 4 months Fluent speech, ability to negotiate
Basic Speaking Course Beginner 1 – 2,5 months Basic listening and speaking skills
Communicative trainings’Voyage’, ‘Hotel Business’, ‘Round table’, ‘Efficient negotiations’, ‘Fiance’.. Beginner to Advanced 2 – 5 days Basic listening and speaking skills. Grammar basics (on demand)


Long-term studies (6 months – 5 years) can be conducted in the following directions:

General English

Business English

Hotel Business

Legal English

Maritime English etc

The objective of our programmes is to enable our students to apply language in practice which helps easily communicate with partners and customers.

We can prepare you for the international Cambridge ESOL Examination (general English – FCE, business English – BEC).

The teaching process can be organized both in our Centre and in our customers’ premises.

The curriculum and the number of classes per week are negotiable.

  1. Translations and interpretations. Our centre possesses a big potential to render qualified translations and interpretations on both general and business topics. Our specialists certified by Cambridge ESOL will gladly assist you in translating material of any level of complexity.
  2. Testing. We provide testing of company personnel and prospective employees in order to state their level of English in 4 language macro skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking).
  3. Consultancy (A new service on the market). Our experience in liaising with foreign companies allows us provide the services of a high-quality consultant on networking with home and foreign based companies. You will be assisted in conducting the analysis of existing and potential problems and in defining the ways to resolve them. We can also consult you on:

Business modeling

Business processes of a company

Work with personnel (home and foreign), sociology

Financial procedures and their optimization