Lingvo Diving.

Lingvo Diving

A unique opportunity to explore English within only a 10 days term!

The course got its name be parity of reasoning with immersion in English. The course specifically designed by our Centre for an intensive studying of English uses advanced teaching methods and techniques. During the classes the priority is given to the intensive practice of speaking in common every day situations.
Being completely immersed in language, students get better language awareness, grasp its structure, and, due to an intensive practice of speaking, boost their skills of speech fluency. In conditions of an original system of course construction and the teacher’s language proficiency students’ inner potential for language learning will definitely find its manifestation.

The teaching process consists of modules. Each module lasts for 40 hours (5 days, 8 hours a day).
The immersion effect is achieved by the following:
1 module – BASIC immersion. Designed for clients with a minimum level of English. During the course students cover main grammar and lexical topics. Having finished the module the client possesses the basic level of English.
2 module – immersion in conversational background. Designed for clients with a basic level of English. Due to an intensive practice of speaking the module gives students an opportunity to ‘simply start speaking’, discuss various topics. It boosts students’ speaking skills and gives students an opportunity to achieve the desirable language fluency.
3 module – immersion in BUSINESS environment. Designed for managerial staff who on a day to day basis deal with overseas companies, partners, clients and thus have to hold presentations and negotiate in English, this module is also good for those wishing to study abroad.
4 module – BUSINESS based on a Pre-MBA programme. The topics selected for this course vary depending on students’ needs. To take this course, students need to have an adequate language command and pass a gratis placement test.
Having finished each module, students get a CERTIFICATE.

On the very first module’s completion you will be able to:

- express your viewpoints on the topics studied;
- understand your interlocutor;
- will get a grammar awareness;

The classes last all day 9.00 – 18.00
The number of students in a group varies from 6 to 8
Teaching materials are included in the total price of the course.

The tutors working on the Lingvo Diving course have international certificate CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English, CELTA – Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adult issued by Cambridge ESOL.


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